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StreIn: Performance & Capacity Benchmarking

Embracing performance test service using our own developed load generator with “NO” license cost, catering diverse range of applications and software with wide range of protocols in use. Aim covers mainly applications and software from Telecom, Financial Services and E-Commerce platforms or websites. Inspection and assistance to figure out resiliency of system under load is not the only focus, besides it’s an intelligent assistant to the micro-services and APIs, produces focus heat map, streamlining the priorities while you are targeted towards perfection.


Strengthening business critical applications and software enough to stand the heat!



Through stress testing, It pushes codes and platforms to the limit, experiences the resiliency and breakpoints of applications. Dashboards are customizable meeting your demand, starts from a 10000 feet view and zooms in to pixel level photons from the system under load so that you get a granular picture of the breakpoints and noises. Assists you in fixing codes, tuning up platforms, reducing noises to bring perfection in software with increasing resiliency.


Customizable dashboard: 10000 feet view


Pixel View


Along with traditional load testing of your applications, a wide range of induced conditions are supported. Starting from flooding your system to injecting jitters or network delay, it helps all the way in reproducing real world scenarios where your application can sense all possibilities of smoothness and interruptions.


Stubs and emulators for outbound interfaces can be developed, mimicking real world behavior at network and application layer resulting production alike outcomes which gives accurate mathematics when it comes to performance measurements or capacity planning.


A range of transaction mixes and scenarios are supported as required, we inject your predictive growth analysis into the test for augmented capacity planning and optimal sizing of infrastructures & platforms covering both cloud and on-premise stacks.


We assist you creating the list of entry and exit criteria for the test ensuring practical and minimal compromises. Our adaptable load generators are capable to simulate real world traffic performance as closely as possible in different real-world conditions:


System under load and scenarios


The load generator is also capable of inducing realistic human behavior when it comes to navigation and user journey. Both static and dynamic think times are supported matching your traffic pattern and making concurrency of the load as realistic as you can make, meeting traffic demands from both peak and off-peak hours.


Tangible outcomes? Let us push the possibilities to the optimum territory. One example only: we helped our client visualizing bootstrapping and wake-up effects.






Overall performance and capacity assessment services can be divided into two:


  • Black box assessment
  • White box assessment


Black box assessment: We see your deployment from outside the defined territory, saturate the system under load as black box to the point it is potential to, incorporate all results into intelligent assistant in form of reports and share with you.

White box assessment: We deep dive into your boxes and install our agents to check bits and pieces. We assist to make the pipe fat enough with enormous amount of structured and unstructured data. Extensive and adaptive analytical insights can be provided adding our knowledge-base to discover your system to its optimum.


Both agile and waterfall approaches are supported as long as you need us to reach common objectives. For details, please contact us at