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SDAS: Software Development At Scale

Applications and software development at scale, deployment, management or customization, each of these are expanding their territory every moment. To manage growing demands of product lifecycle from digital industries, innovation is experiencing agility to its maximum.


From UX design to backend system architecture, from development to deployment or integration, end to end software development and management lifecycle needs to reinvent the ways of IT engineering executions to meet the pressure from aggressive product owners. In fact, product owners now a days do not want to depend a lot on legacy systems, architecture or infrastructures. They are continuously seeking for functions and features driven by advanced analytics those can give birth of new babies with potential growth of the company.


From UX design to interface development including web and apps (android & iOS), whether they are offline or needs online backend processing engines with advanced analytics and scalable infrastructure, DVANTAGEPOINT covers everything under one umbrella called SDAS (Software development at scale).



From applications and software development to automation of infrastructure and network orchestrations, advanced analytics, capacity management, Operations & maintenance or hosting, all can be covered as one spot service. It’s up to you on how much you want to leave to us to take care.