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PRx2: Production Readiness Assessments

Independent of nature of project “Greenfield” or “Migration”, functional and non-functional assessments are MUST going through tollgates and checkpoints of production readiness . Whether it is a digital service deployment in telecom or financial or e-commerce space, maintaining balance between quality and time to market is always a debate. The list of functional requirements remains big and while you are intended to inherit all required non-functional aspects, investment of people and process become immutable and you start creating heat-map of priorities.


With our global experience of “Production Readiness Planning and Review”, we take care of reliability engineering and operational excellence where you got better needs in your focus heat-map!!




We let you focus more on your products and functional use cases, let us synthesise your non-functional requirements aiming reliability engineering and operational excellence of your applications and platforms.


Solution Engineering:

We do enterprise architecture and engineering making sure quality attributes for your solution including but not limited to Immutability, Cost, Performance, Agility, Security, Granularity, Analytical Ability, Reliability, Elasticity, Portability and Operational Maintainability. We assist in visualising your workloads starting from 10,000 feet to pixel level view so that each of the quality attributes can be inherited and inspected traveling through tollgates starting from design board until it sees production light.




Agile experience in software unit, integration and functional testing of your business-critical services, assisting in your CI-CD pipeline for faster and reliable releases before it goes to production. Let us be merged in your delivery pipeline adding automation, postmortem and regression of tests and making sure continuous improvement of quality in your releases []



Embracing performance test service using our own developed load generator with “NO” license cost, catering diverse range of applications and software with wide range of protocols in use. Aim covers mainly applications and software from Telecom, Financial Services, Transportation Network, IoT, E-Commerce and other online-offline digital services and platforms.  Inspection and assistance to figure out resiliency of system under load is not the only focus, besides it’s an intelligent assistant to the micro-services and APIs, produces focus heat map, streamlining the priorities while you are targeted towards perfection. []


Stubs and Emulators:

Intelligent stubs and simulators mimicking your connected peripherals network entities with required response and real world behaviours. A wide range of protocols are supported eliminating need of connected world where you don’t want to bother them, let’s say during stress testing your system or in case you are getting the real peripherals available too late to park your development efforts. It can perfectly sit in between your CI-CD pipeline and assisting to gain 100% confidence to roll out your releases to the market []


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