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CES: Cloud Engineering Services

Starting from on demand IT resource management, growing and shrinking infrastructure capacity to meet customer demand, cloud computing has extended its territory.

From BIG data to Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5G & Edge Network, Augmented Reality, and many more.

With these evolved technologies, cloud providers are widening each of the service layers: Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service and Software as a service to meet the velocity, breadth and depth of fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and consistently redefining the term XAAS: anything as a service.


Widening of these territories by cloud providers are allowing enterprises from different verticals to be carefree when it comes to IT management and remain focused on their products and business more than ever before. This is how it is supposed be but what are real cases talking about? Can it be 100% carefree?


The answer is a big “No” and a small “Yes” as there are certain headaches that are being completely taken care by cloud providers and covered in managed services. However, many other cloud services and platforms still remain in the complex matrix of shared responsibilities. And if those are not properly designed, selected, dimensioned, orchestrated, developed or maintained, clients may often get ceased from enjoying the original intents of their cloud journey.


Starting from scaling, elasticity, performance, security and many other reliability engineering & governance perspectives, cloud workloads may not remain as productive as they are supposed to be. Even the managed service components may not meet objectives which they are prospective to. Generally, cloud services are having competitive pricings but again if the design or orchestration are not very much mathematical, cloud may become even more expensive than maintaining your own data center and sometime your IT “OPEX” can cross boundary of approval.


To address and streamline these concerns, DVANTAGEPOINT LIMITED got a discipline of cloud engineering by forming a cross functional autonomous team of cloud computing experts with historic experiences from global IT giants. Irrespective of cloud deployment model: private, public or hybrid, our experts are aimed to be on same boat with our clients for their mission critical workloads from design, architecture to Devops, Secops, Sysops or migration from on premise data center to public cloud or from one public cloud to another.


For more information, we remain here: info@dvantagepoint.com.