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A2i: Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

Do you want your data to turn into an innovative machine, a machine that tells you a story? A story that allows you to make strategic choices for your business to grow!


You may have already identified and acquired zettabytes of data but what if most of them are at rest forever or not being connected to the mainstream of your data processing pipeline. How about the data in transit containing critical analytical metrics but are never being processed.


IT systems and software can produce tons of data with an intent of discovery to data mining or data science, to solve real company problems but that is completely dictated by how do you extract most important information from massive amount of data.


In current connected world, there are no IT applications which produces big amount of data and not inherited in our daily life style. It can be as simple as our payment transactions to online video or X-Ray images analyzed by a doctor. In language of data science, they can be structured, semi-structured or unstructured data, together forming a term called ‘Big Data’. All the industries are applying data engineering, advance analytics and intelligence on top of these data to process them and produce bits those can connect and create impacts in the business as much as possible; impacts in form of business insights, products, growth or strategic decision to drive your business and add excellences at their optimum.


Picture: BIG data creating impacts to solve real business problems


With this intent when you start to see what the big data eco-system can do for your company, the very first thing you need to identify is the hierarchy of needs. Most of your company needs can be served by utilizing power of distributed and parallel computing which can cover most of the required analytics or business intelligence.


Picture: Hierarchy of data processing  


However, your needs remain at the top of the pyramid if your company wants to research and innovate products that was never conceptualized by any of your product managers. Or if you are leading to solve your company problem much proactively than no statistics did in past.


There are plenty of tangible use case of machine learning or artificial intelligence, solving most ambiguous and hard problems and guide your company to the right direction. For example one of biggest cancer institutes in the united states, extracting millions of medical data of 15 years and applying machine learning so that even the best oncologist can ask the system on what can the best use of care!


Data without insights is worse than useless. Use the technologies that allows to process massive amount of big data at minimal cost, hygiene and structure it, produce ability to extracts insights from the data and deliver it to point of views.


If you need us to discover the point of views or to produce resolutions required to remove impediments from your business, we remain here at info@dvantagepoint.com