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iScan: Integrity Scanner

Atomicity and consistency are two keywords, solely responsible to determine providence in the territory of smooth software development to integrity in enterprise operation or a strong wall towards vulnerabilities.

iScan is an automated or manual triggered integrity scanning tool for IT platform, applications or processes, files & directories, network sockets & ports and structured or non-structured datasets with wide range of supported configurations, assisting workloads to maintain atomicity and immutability.

In current agile digital world, changes are immune to meet fast releases meeting demand of growing market, while operation leads remain focused on zero downtime and security leads for zero vulnerability. However, to follow best practices of reliability engineering, we must need to maintain a balance in a controlled way between changes and immutability so that development unit still maintains the pace keeping KPIs from operation unit or security teams intact.

With growth of the IT organizations, for any devops team, it becomes very hard to dominate the change control process with the growth and diversity in people, process and technologies. However, a solid integrity checking and track recording tool with proven backup and alert mechanism, can still allow them to have a breathing space for troubleshooting, restoring faulty changes and maintaining consistency in smooth operations irrespective of frequent releases and changes are being maintained in the organization.

In the world of growing vulnerabilities, we never know which incautious changes may lead to vulnerable processes, services or ports or configurations and eventually which might allow potentials exploits. So hardening actually does not remain a one time task if you do not have a real-time integrity scanner in place.

iScan has been designed and developed by noticing these pain points of fast growing IT enterprise, can sit as checker and decision maker as a tollgate of your delivery pipeline and aimed to meet the agility with good track record of maintaining quality.


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