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OMP: Open Mediation Platform

Data is the new currency: A currency that allows you to purchase innovation and growth alongside creating point of views for decision makers.


Very often for a largescale communication or IT enabled service provider, it gets difficult to connect massive amount of data produced from different network entities.
Specially for the company using multivendor solutions or managing multivendor network elements.


Traditionally a mediation platform is helpful in transforming and normalizing data of different formats and streamlining those towards a common processing. However, there remains increasing complexities with increasing number of integrations of network entities with increasing number of specifications.


Besides, business analysts or product managers are generally used to focus on produced metrics based on the processed data from relational or non-relational databases. However, they are no more limited among DBs as application logs both in structure and unstructured format are producing quite sensible piece of business insights alongside databases.


But in reality, most of the streaming and network data such as from your load balancer or API gateway, stands at a very first gate of inbound traffic and potential to produce even deeper metrics for your advanced analytics or research. Similarly, there are plenty of low-end network devices & infrastructure producing plenty of metrics, those are never getting connected with the mainstream of your data processing. How about connecting all these together and experience the beauty they potential to produce?



An open mediation platform, a scalable & adaptable solution, intending to transform and streamline data from every possible sources of different formats such as databases both relational and non-relational, logs, documents, application or system metrics, multimedia (images, audio/video) and streaming event including the ones never remain at rest. Then transform all these towards uniformity, opening up APIs for your reporting engine or business intelligence.


Enabling you to perform machine learning or deep learning to connect deep insights, research and produce new vision on top of that. There is no alter of producing new knowledge and adding new dimensions in your product lines through innovation.


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