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fsMon: Fullstack Monitoring System

Objectively, siloed surveillance of distributed workloads in a hybrid eco-system of private datacenter and public clouds does not work much, while you are targeting to visualize the photons.


fsMon is a full stack monitoring system, got its own diversity when it comes to coverage. Starting from performance monitoring, to faults, from security to audit and advanced analytics or intelligence, all under one umbrella. Making surveillance on one screen is the target for all business-critical software and applications, deployed in public clouds as well as in private data centers.


Let’s connect intelligence and sharp eyes to experience the optimum!





It provides you great visualizations of your infrastructure utilization (compute, storage, network); wide range of metrics from operating systems, hypervisors or containers; deep insights from data layer covering RDBMS, NoSQL, in-memory database or cache and message queue; application performance metrics (APM) e.g. response or processing time of your codes, key performance indicators with percentile; helping codes to push boundary and experience the optimum performance. Customizable logging and event processor got built-in functions to bring out insights of proxy, load balancer or gateway layers. Rules and filters can be created or modified, to adapt customized logs or events from local applications or platforms or to set threshold-based alerts.



Almost all the technologies and protocols used in current world by IT, Telecom digital services, banking or financial applications, rider any other online or offline services are supported. Inheriting wide range of customizable dashboards meeting the objectives of almost all of the operations and service centers.


Got it’s built in capability to be integrated with our streIn and dFitness services to give you real insights starting from 10000 feet view to bits and pieces. It can feed all required measurements with accurate mathematics when you are focused with augmented capacity planning or infrastructure dimensioning.


Besides visualizations, it is exposing Open RESTful APIs to fetch data in JSON format and compatible to be integrated with any of your network peripherals, as a feeder to other 3PP services.



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