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FaceTag: Intelligent and Smart Care

FaceTag is an AI-powered smart virtual agent that can reduce 30% to 90% of human efforts through actions by combining deep natural language processing and rule based robotic interaction. Connecting with complex data, FaceTag can have greater ability to read or record data and provide seamless experience as if your human agent.


It can manage customer identity and profile smartly with zero error tolerance when it comes to identification and authentication alongside maintaining smart profile or KYC.

Smart authentication and recognition module (ARM) allows customers to select convenient courses starting from fingerprint to face or signature recognition.



It can offer personalized and predictive services by capturing and maintaining complex data from customers. Capable of predicting the reason of contacting to your agent or if the client info is mapped with any outbound services. It can be personalized and predictive as much as it is allowed to store personalized and services data use by clients.


Virtual agent can assist customer to manage their calendar and outbound scheduling such as pre-booking of an appointment or setting scheduled and recurring services. Both for on-demand and scheduled tasks management, customers will be entertained in the journey of autonomous call flows.


It values time and gives intensive care on pains.  Smart internal team management module will figure out intelligent routes for artificial intelligence facilities and human driven operations asynchronously while caring millions.


It cares on sentiment and through continuous learning and designed to take care of integrity, atomicity and remains focused on customer centricity.


At individual client, it’s a 24×7 personal care agent and single interface of interacting, understanding and resolving issues, so that customers remain worry free from getting queued and get asynchronous proactive resolutions.



Through omnichannel support it remains there for seamless experience while clients can connect through public or social messaging applications or through a business email or chatbot of an enterprise such as Bank, Telecom, manufacturing companies or service providers. Last but not the least, it’s offering multiple choices for customers to be notified through SMS, Email or App push on business applications or social messaging.



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