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dFitness: Unit, Integration & Function Tests

Pushing agile experience in software unit, integration and functional testing of your business-critical services, assisting in your CI-CD pipeline for faster and reliable releases before it goes to production.

Let us be merged in your delivery pipeline adding automation, postmortem and regression of tests and making sure continuous improvement of quality in your releases!


In modern enterprise applications, microservice architecture facilitates development unit with distributed & modular programming, engaging diversified brains and inheriting agility in builds. However, due to lack of peripheral entities in agile development units, territory of manual engagement remains big while ensuring quality of releases. Same agenda residues for real world integrations. In most of the green field projects, availability of real-world network peripherals often gets delayed while your target timeline is too short to wait.

Focusing on these pain points and allowing a great combination of agility vs quality, dFitness tool introduces automation in testing with adaptable emulators, simulating real-world behaviors and reducing human engagement. This, autonomously swap the scopes of manual engagement with automation both before and after developments. Increases software development life-cycles significantly, allowing you to detect faults and bugs spontaneously; meanwhile, it does not eliminate the facility of maker-checker and making you confident enough before you roll it for production.

Beside synthetic laboratories, it got inherited capability of leveraging APM insights, proxy functionalities and infrastructure monitoring from fsMon, our full stack monitoring system. Makes you confident enough, much before the final build, for fine tuning configurations or settings of underlying platform & infrastructure, meeting demand of your code & experiencing the potentials to its optimum.

Wide range of protocols and services are under support covering Telecom, Banking, Transportation Network, E-commerce, Payment, Online News or education and other online & offline digital product domains.

For more information or queries, please contact us at info@dvantagepoint.com.