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Things to get my filipina gf’s moms and dads – Philippines Forum

Things to get my filipina gf’s moms and dads – Philippines Forum

I am going to the Philippines pretty quickly, to see my filipina gf and fulfilling her moms and dads. I do want to know very well what style of present do I need to get on her moms and dads?

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It really is entirely your decision however, if it was me

Good quality perfume for Nanay like Chanel no 5. and high priced liquor for Tatay such as for instance a litre of Jack Daniels.

Plus every one else within the household that is same get one thing too. It does not need to be expensive, simply provided that no body feels omitted. Maybe it’s key rings, tees or such a thing. On them, that would be a bonus if they have the name of your location.

The gift providing is named Pasalubong and also this describes it for your needs.

Filipinos would want a $100 note. But really , will they be rich or bad household. If they are middle-income group or i that is rich go with a container of great whisky for dad and perhaps high quality chocolates for mum. If they’re poor then state that you had ” no concept things to get them so here is some funds, simply purchase one thing you will need”. If they’re from an unhealthy household they’ll not worry about the standard of alcohol because they will take in it simply getting drunk

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Do not forget to perform the greeting that is cultural your elders although I would imagine your gf has told you about this currently.
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