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Monitoring intimacy in IT clinic

Even though you got the best medic in the room of IT troubleshooter, without proper instrumentations it’s impractical to envisage your best. A friendly watchdog is one of the best choices of a troubleshooter who is aiming for uninterrupted IT operations. It’s innate to protect your IT components from discontinuity & inefficiency and making smooth contributions towards continuity and novelty in operations.


Large IT enterprises usually maintain a number of business-critical workloads in a hybrid deployment of public cloud and private data center. Merging siloed monitoring, a centralized one can really give insights meeting all the objectives with correlation of faults or issues. It’s like a doctor who knows about several issues in different parts of the body and can prescribe by digging down to the root and solving propagation of one issue into another.


IT infrastructure and system monitoring, is no longer just fault detecting tool or performance graphs visualizer. It has become a “super instrument” of your IT clinic adding smart troubleshooting, predictive analytics, safeguard and a compass.


Besides default TCP and UDP protocols e.g. SNMP for collecting diversified metrics of health and performance, monitoring systems are quite capable with processing of unstructured logs from operating systems, microservices, platforms & networks and act as a centralized logging and even processor (LEP) to streamlined visualizations as well as fault notification. Without manual engagement, it can pull out vital insights from custom logs through generalized rules in LEP, plotting graphs on screens of service operation center, feeding engineer for advance troubleshooting. That’s eventually can be called a smart troubleshooter.


Using machine learning on top of processed logging events, TCP/UDP metrics and streaming traffic, monitoring system is also capable of doing predictive fault analysis and predictive detection of security compromise. Auditability is always a top most non-functional requirement for any IT stack for verticals governed by regulatory bodies and monitoring system can also act as a feeder of centralized audit visualization through collecting auditable events and putting on screen or even predict future threats through advanced analytics and notifying system administrators.


Atomicity and consistency are always desirable for a fast-changing organization to preserve business continuity. One can also developed agent for consistency checking within the life-cycle of releases and can report through monitoring tool for any anomalies.


Monitoring is a great friend for capacity benchmarking or assessments or performance tests. For a black-box performance test, any load generator has to has great visualizations of performance graphs however, for a white-box assessment monitoring system can fetch out great insights from bits and pieces through its agent, making the load test a comprehensive one.


In a nutshell, besides offering fault detection & performance monitoring, through smart troubleshooting, audit plus security safeguard and advanced analytics, a monitoring system can become intimate friend of operations.


Sourcing above thoughts, we offer a full stack monitoring system “fsMon” and intending to be that intimate part of your IT clinic. For details or specifications, please contact