In the event that you’ve ever considered writing for cash, you’re in the best place – dvantagepoint

In the event that you’ve ever considered writing for cash, you’re in the best place

In the event that you’ve ever considered writing for cash, you’re in the best place

#15. The Change Agent

Niche: Adult Education

Re Re Re Payment Method: Unknown

The alteration Agent is a grown-up Education Publication that pays $50 per article contributed. Your article could be any such thing from 250 terms to 1,000 terms, and you may nevertheless be compensated the amount that is same matter just how long your articles is, provided that it really is accepted.


Niche: Ceramics

Re Payment Method: Unknown

You can compose articles on everything ceramics you really need to provide if you think an attempt. You’re going to be compensated $25 for just about any article that is short, $350 for a 1,000 terms bulletin, or more to $900 for a 5,000 terms bulletin accepted.

#17. Dollar Stretcher

Niche: Number Of Topics

Re Payment Method: Check Always

By composing for The buck Stretcher you shall be compensated $0.10 per term for almost any article accepted. Meaning you will get $100 for a 1000 terms article, and $500 for a 5,000 terms article. The payment will be sent via sign in United States dollars.

#18. Drop Zone

Niche: Skydiving

Payment Method: Paypal

Dropzone is really a Skydiving we we blog checked out by thousands of people monthly, and also by composing for Dropzone, apart from gaining great deal of visibility is legal, you certainly will paid $50 for just about any article this is certainly accepted and up to $100 for a write-up this is certainly showcased.

#19. Metro Parent

Niche: Parenting

Re Re Re Payment Method: Always Check

Metro Parent is really a parenting magazine that will pay you such a thing from $35-50 for a quick article, or more to $350 for a step-by-step article accepted. The re re payment for the article will be produced upon book.

#20. Sitepoint

Niche: online developing

Payment Method: Unknown

Sitepoint happens to be among the leading sites online in terms of internet development, and they’re enthusiastic about spending quality freelance home writers to play a role in their growing system. Your article must certanly be over 1,500 terms, and upon acceptance, you’ll be compensated a $100 flat price. When your article does very well and it is in a position to create as much as 100,000 page views you will be compensated $250 more.

#21: Theme Forest

Niche: Online Design/Web Developing

Re Re Re Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers

Themeforest is among the authorities that are leading the internet design space. You are able to as much as $100 by adding articles to Theme Forest, and you may effortlessly make use of the chance to get more publicity on your own.

#22. An excellent moms and dad

niche: Parenting

Re Payment Method: Paypal

These are typically trying to find practical articles with parenting guidelines, and additionally they spend $100 per accepted article. You shall additionally be in a position to connect returning to your website in your article bio.

#23. Spyre Studios

Niche: Website Design

Payment Method: Paypal

Spyre Studios is an expert weblog regarding web site design, in addition they spend freelance article writers $50 for articles accepted, or more to $160 for tutorials.

#24. Smashing Magazine

Niche: Design/Programming

Re Re Payment Method: Unknown

Smashing magazine is the top web site design we blog on the web, and you will effortlessly gain lots of visibility while in the same time getting taken care of every article you distribute that is accepted. There’s absolutely no fixed cost for your articles, you could be be confident if it is accepted that you will be paid well if your article is of great quality and.

#25. Photoshop Tutorials

Niche: Photoshop

Re Re Re Payment Method: Paypal

They have been shopping for articles about Photoshop; your article may either be considered a fast tip or a complete guide, and you will make $50 – $300 per article accepted.

#26. Web Tuts+

Niche: Coding

Re Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers

You want to share your experience with others through your writing, you will be paid up to $150, depending on the quality, for every tutorial that is accepted if you’re really good at coding and.

#27. UX Booth

Niche: Design/Usability

Payment Method: Paypal

UX Booth is yet another design weblog with this list that will pay freelance home writers $100 for articles accepted. The content you write must certanly be on the subject of design/usability.

#28. TreeHouse

Niche: online design/Freelancing

Re Payment Method: Unspecified

These are typically searching for articles about web site design, freelancing, efficiency as well as other associated topics. They spend $100 – $200 per accepted article.

#29. Viator Travel Blog

Niche: Travel

Re Re Payment Method: Unspecified

These are generally to locate original travel articles within the 1,000 – 2,000 words range. They choose you to definitely pitch them first before continuing together with your article, and additionally they spend $100 – $150 per article.

#30. Crazy Leaf

Niche: Design

Re Re Payment Method: Paypal

By adding a write-up to Crazy Leaf, irrespective of to be able to show your talent to several thousand individuals, you shall additionally be compensated according to exactly exactly how good your article is.

Bonus Sites

Yes, i understand we promised just 30 internet web sites within the name with this article, however in other to over deliver we shall be giving you 3 more web web web sites. You can easily explore these websites to achieve more visibility while in the exact same time increase your revenue.

#31. InstantShift

Niche: Design/Programming

Re Payment Method: Unknown

InstantShift is really a design that is popular development we we we blog that spend you for articles in line with the quality associated with the article presented. Your website is well-respected and it has a strong reputation, you submit so you should be able to make a great income for quality articles.

#32. PVM Garage

Niche: Design/Coding

Payment Method: Paypal

This is certainly another great design internet site that provides payment on the basis of the quality and amount of this article presented.

Niche: Design/Coding

Re Re Re Payment Method: Unknown

An integral part of the Smashing Network, Noupe is another web that is great web log that is well-respected. It is possible to add content that is great get publicity for the work while on top of that getting compensated. The re payment is unspecified, but Noupe is just a well-respected weblog online and that means you should expect you’ll be paid one thing ideal for your quality submissions.

Obtain the UPDATED 2015 type of the List: the latest updated form of this list includes 110 web sites that PAY article writers, which is verified and updated for 2015. Follow this link to gain access to the updated list.

Note: a years that are few posting this list, I’ve compiled and published an even more present one which features 46 additional web sites which will spend one to compose. Look it over by going to 46 More sites that may spend one to compose