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SDAS: Software Development At Scale

Applications and software development at scale, deployment, management or customization, each of these are expanding their territory every moment.
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A2i: Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

Do you want your data to turn into an innovative machine, a machine that tells you a story? A story that allows you to make strategic choices for your business to grow!
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CES: Cloud Engineering Services

Starting from on demand IT resource management, growing and shrinking infrastructure capacity to meet customer demand, cloud computing has extended its territory.

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xRobo: Devops and Automation

Templates, orchestration or devops and automation are aimed to achieve agility, atomicity and immutability in modern and complex IT delivery pipeline.
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PRx2: Production Readiness Assessments

Independent of nature of project “Greenfield” or “Migration”, functional and non-functional assessments are MUST going through tollgates and checkpoints of production readiness .
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StreIn: Performance & Capacity Benchmarking

Embracing performance test service using our own developed load generator with “NO” license cost, catering diverse range of applications and software
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ASG: Access Support Gateway

Typically, a multi-vendor large and complex IT system requires remote access to manage and support underlying infrastructure and software. However, in most of the deployment, customers can no longer see the work as it is being done.
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fsMon: Fullstack Monitoring System

Objectively, siloed surveillance of distributed workloads in a hybrid eco-system of private datacenter and public clouds does not work much, while you are targeting to visualize the photons.
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OMP: Open Mediation Platform

Data is the new currency: A currency that allows you to purchase innovation and growth alongside creating point of views for decision makers.
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FaceTag: Intelligent and Smart Care

FaceTag is an AI-powered smart virtual agent that can reduce 30% to 90% of human efforts through actions by combining deep natural language processing and rule based robotic interaction.
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iScan: Integrity Scanner

Atomicity and consistency are two keywords, solely responsible to determine providence in the territory of smooth software development to integrity in enterprise operation or a strong wall towards vulnerabilities.
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dFitness: Unit, Integration & Function Tests

Pushing agile experience in software unit, integration and functional testing of your business-critical services, assisting in your CI-CD pipeline for faster and reliable releases before it goes to production.
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Monitoring intimacy in IT clinic

Even though you got the best medic in the room of IT troubleshooter, without proper instrumentations it’s impractical to envisage your best. A friendly watchdog is one of the best choices of a troubleshooter who is aiming for uninterrupted IT operations. It’s innate to protect
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Contribution of Ds in 9s

Uptime or Service continuity is the core target or KPI for any enterprise IT operation in running business critical functions. And depending on time criticality, RTO and RPO are two three-letter acronyms which objectively drives the journey from design to implementation to achieve service continuity
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Augmented Capacity Planning and Benchmarking

In solution design and infrastructure dimensioning process of IT deployments, capacity planning and benchmarking is always a critical tollgate of the project for a fast growing vertical.
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